Total Quality Assurance
RUIKANGD is confident in our quality assurance and we fulfill our customers' needs in the following ways.
R&D Strength
Machine Technology
Machining Center
Production Process
Our R&D Strength
With over 20 years of R&D experience , we have achieved impressive R&D results in the industry, including advances in meter weight technology and tape-free winding solutions.
We are redefining the standard of quality and performance for bubble film machines.
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High-quality accessories you can trust
Utilizing high-precision screw alloy from Zhoushan and molds from Taizhou Huangyan , our machines offer exceptional output, durability, and cost efficiency.
With superior materials and craftsmanship, we ensure maximum performance and value
Separate machining center
Our machining centers ensure the high quality and precision of every part of the bubble film machine, guaranteeing the reliability and durability of each machine.
Comprehensive production process
Understanding the needs
Providing solutions
Parts processing
Assembling machines
Machine Operation Process
RUIKANG complies with the most demanding quality and safety standards.
Our Certifications
Select the one that best caters to your business requirements.


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