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RUIKANG has everything you need to create an advanced packaging line, from state-of-the-art machinery to innovative packaging solutions, accessories, and a team of experts who can help you customize your production area!
Our range of packaging machinery includes Bubble Film Machine, Bag Making Machine,Blown Film Machine, Stretch Film Machine and innovative packaging equipment that optimize efficiency and ensure high-quality packaging solutions.

Ruikang bubble film machine has the characteristics of efficient production, customizable bubble size and film size, providing superior package protection, and high cost-effectiveness. The equipment is available in a variety of sizes and capacities and is suitable for a variety of industries, providing an efficient, flexible and economical solution for product packaging.

RUIKANG plastic bag making machine realizes automated production, adjustable size and thickness, adapts to different plastic materials, and has high production efficiency. Plastic bag making machines are widely used in the food industry, retail industry, daily necessities and other fields, providing enterprises with fast, flexible and cost-effective production solutions.

RUIKANG film blowing machines are used to produce plastic films of different properties, thicknesses and widths. The production speed can reach 400KG per minute. The adjustable film thickness and width range and advanced control system make it a key equipment in plastic film production.

RUIKANG stretch film making machine can efficiently produce stretch film with excellent tensile properties and tear resistance. It has an advanced production control system to ensure that the films produced have consistent quality and performance, providing important packaging solutions for various industries.

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