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RUIKANG solutions deliver the plastics equipment you need, where you need it most, increasing your efficiency, sustainability and value.
Bubble Film

Efficient Bubble Film Manufacturing Solutions - For Producing High Quality Bubble Film With Consistent Bubble Size And Strength.

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Bubble Film Bag

Customized Bag Manufacturing Solutions - For The Production Of All Types Of Bags With Precise Dimensions And Strong Seals.

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Solving Plastic Packaging Challenges With Our Customers
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2000 Laminating Bubble Film Machine
Polish customer purchased the bubble film machine equipment from our company, and was very satisfied with our machine, and now has purchased more than 2 million dollars of equipment in our hands.
2 meters single layer bubble film machine
Indonesian customer bought the bubble film machine from our company in 2018 to use it so far, and the satisfaction of the equipment is highly praised.
2 meters single layer bubble film machine
Russian customer for the production of composite bubble film found us to buy the equipment, which has been used from 2015 to the present.
Solve Your Plastic Packaging Challenges
Professional Bubble Film Machine Manufacturer
RUIKANG mainly produces plastic flexible packaging machinery and equipment such as bubble film machine and bag making machine .
We have the industry's leading research and development technology, for you to create the most conducive to the production of machinery and equipment.
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Ensure The High Precision Process Of The Machine
Superior Quality with Zhoushan All-Alloy Screw, Taizhou Huangyan Mold, and Leading Electrical Components.
Our independent processing center and customizable production process ensure unrivaled craftsmanship and high precision for every machine.
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Strong R&D Capability To Create Industry-Leading Machines.
20 + R&D experience:
Key to innovative breakthroughs in bubble film making machine production technology.
R&D improves automation:
Optimized productivity and quality control.
Meter-weight, tape-free rewinding:
Significantly reduced waste and increased productivity.
R&D Innovation
2 Years Warranty
Enjoy peace of mind with our generous warranty.
24-hour Prompt Response
Our dedicated team is available round the clock.
100% Satisfaction
Access expert guidance for a guaranteed positive experience.
Stay Updated with the Latest Industry News
Jun 2024-06-13
What is a stretch film making machine?
Stretch film machine is used for packaging and covering objects. It is often used for cargo packaging, surface protection or fixing objects. The commonly used material is polyethylene plastic film. The following is a detailed introduction of the stretch film machine:
May 2024-05-10
Working principle and operation flow of film blowing machine
A film blowing machine is a type of equipment used in the plastic manufacturing industry to produce plastic films. This machine is commonly used to create various types of plastic films, including pac
Apr 2024-04-30
The Use and Manufacturing Process of Bubble Film
Bubble film is a packaging material made of transparent plastic with a large number of dense bubbles or cavities on the surface. They can effectively protect and cushion fragile items to avoid damage during transportation or handling.
Mar 2024-03-18
Some Common Sense Of Bubble Bag Machine
The bubble film machine is a reliable packaging and filling solution designed to withstand high pressure, protect against moisture and shocks.
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