Jun 2024-06-13
Stretch film machine is used for packaging and covering objects. It is often used for cargo packaging, surface protection or fixing objects. The commonly used material is polyethylene plastic film. The following is a detailed introduction of the stretch film machine:
May 2024-05-10
A film blowing machine is a type of equipment used in the plastic manufacturing industry to produce plastic films. This machine is commonly used to create various types of plastic films, including pac
Apr 2024-04-30
Bubble film is a packaging material made of transparent plastic with a large number of dense bubbles or cavities on the surface. They can effectively protect and cushion fragile items to avoid damage during transportation or handling.
Mar 2024-03-18
The bubble film machine is a reliable packaging and filling solution designed to withstand high pressure, protect against moisture and shocks.
Mar 2024-03-18
During the film blowing machine installation process, it is important to ensure that the center line of the extruder head is aligned with the center of the traction roller perfectly.
Mar 2024-03-18
The bubble envelope production process relies heavily on the bubble film, also known as air cushion film.
Mar 2024-03-15
To enhance the quality of the bubble film bag making machine during the manufacturing process, it is vital to enhance the brightness of the parts used in the machine.
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