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Ruikang bubble film machine has the characteristics of efficient production, customizable bubble size and film size, providing superior package protection, and high cost-effectiveness. The equipment is available in a variety of sizes and capacities and is suitable for a variety of industries, providing an efficient, flexible and economical solution for product packaging.

Your benefits
Best quality
Our bubble film machines use all-alloy screws from Zhoushan and Huangyan molds from Taizhou. The best machine parts are used to create the highest quality machines.
Strategic consulting services
We have invested 100% in R&D and innovation of our machines, and the latest achievements in meter weight and tape-less rewinding have made significant strides towards full automation of our machines.
A wealth of experience
R & D, technology, after-sales team have more than 20 years of experience in the field of workers, you can find the problem to us.
One-to-one responsive service
Our machines provide 2 years warranty, the problems you encountered by a person corresponding to provide solutions to the video and program.
Industry Solutions Tailored to Diverse Production Needs
Each customer possesses distinct production requirements, prompting the question of which machine suits your industry best.
Regardless of the challenges or specifications you face, RUIKANG stands ready to address them with our top-notch machinery, tailored for applications ranging from bubble wrap to bubble bags.
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Bubble Film Machine Frequently Asked Questions
What products can your machine produce?
The machine produces bubble wrap, bubble wrap bags, envelope bags, etc.
What size of bubble film can you produce?
Product specifications are customized according to customers' needs.
Can you provide more details about the warranty period?
Two years warranty, during which spare parts will be replaced free of charge.
How long can your machines work continuously?
The machine can work continuously for any length of time.
What should I let you know before I get a relatively accurate quote?
Customers need to inform us of the product type and width before we can finalize a quote.
Quality service is preferred by RUIKANG
Whatever your needs, we can provide the plastics equipment that best suits you.
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