RK YHEBM Automatic Bubble Film Envelope Making Machine

YHEBM automatic bubble film envelope bag making machine is specially designed for kraft paper bags. From opening to cutting, everything is controlled by computer. The bags produced are smooth, beautiful, strong and durable.
Device Description


Our bubble bag making equipment specially designed for kraft paper bubble envelop bag, And it can also make coextrusion film bubble envelope bag ( the coe xtrusion film bubble roller should be laminated first J but for kraft paper, no need that process ) .


How to make the bubble bag:Firstly,The coated kraft paper and PE bubble film are glued together by the hot lamination par of the machine, than, Then fold the kraft paper bubble film or the coextrusion bubble film in half,Then cut into standard bubble envelope bag after hot pressing. This machine adopts advanced machine electricity, gas, spray glue integrated control technology, It is controlled by computer from sheet to cut, The bag produced is flat and beautiful, solid and reliable, easy to understand and easy to understand, it is a high quality special bag equipment.





Main Technical Variables




Suitable material

Lamirat rg kraft paper(85~ 140g)+ air bubble film(25- 150g), tape

Material requirements

With PE or PP film on surface of kraft paper

MAX.feeding diameter

aper φ 600mm, ubble film中1 200mm

MAX.feeding width

Paper≤1500mm, Bubble film φ 1 500mm

MAX.bag length

≤750mm (including the tongue of bag)

MAX.bag width


Speed of bag making

30-90pcs/min (double speed of small bag)

Total power



3phase AC380V 50Hz

Machine size(LxWxH)

18500x21 00x2000mm


*We will no longer inform you if there is any data change.

Optional equipment


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