Note On Installation Of Film Blowing Unit

Mar 2024-03-18

During the film blowing machine installation process, it is important to ensure that the center line of the extruder head is aligned with the center of the traction roller perfectly. It should not deviate from the vertical and horizontal planes. Also, when operating the automatic fresh-keeping bag making machine, ensure that there is a proper balance between the traction speed and the winding speed. As the diameter of the winding increases, it is critical to make the necessary adjustments. Once the host is turned on, closely monitor its operation and make timely adjustments to the electrical instruments and controllers to guarantee smooth functioning.
It is important to regularly refuel and replace the gear oil in both the gear box of the main engine and the traction reduction box to ensure the smooth operation of all rotating parts. If you have a new machine, be sure to replace the gear oil within 10 days of use. Be careful not to overheat or jam the parts during refueling. Also, tighten all connection points to prevent bolts from becoming loose. The bubble tube should always have an appropriate amount of compressed air, as it tends to leak during the pulling process. Make sure to replenish the air as needed to maintain proper function.
The film blowing machine's application scope is based on the different types of materials used. For instance, the PP film blowing machine produces film suitable for various applications such as supermarket shopping bags and bacteria bags. This film is characterized by high hardness and doesn't require high stretch or brightness. On the other hand, high-pressure PE blown films are suitable for producing all kinds of fresh-keeping bags, while the returned film can be used to produce garbage bags and other similar applications. Overall, owing to its versatility, the film blowing machine plays a crucial role in various industries.
The automatic temperature adjustment device for the film bubble of the film blowing machine comes equipped with a film blowing head that features an air intake duct and an air exhaust duct. The exhaust fan drive circuit and intake fan drive circuit are connected to the respective fans. Inside the exhaust duct, a temperature sensor is positioned to measure the temperature of the air. The central control processor is also present, which incorporates a temperature reference value setting circuit and a temperature value comparator. The temperature sensor is linked to the temperature value comparator, which constantly compares the actual temperature value to the temperature reference value, adjusting the temperature accordingly.


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