Bubble Bag Process

Mar 2024-03-18

The bubble envelope production process relies heavily on the bubble film, also known as air cushion film. This unique material is essentially a film with a layer of bubbles sandwiched in between. The manufacturing process involves extruding and melting low-density polyethylene resin with the film, which is then formed into two layers of film in an extrusion molding die. One of the films is shaped into a bubble using a vacuum roll and is then combined with the other film to create a composite membrane that closely adheres to the bubble surface. This results in a lightweight, flexible, and durable air cushion membrane that provides superior moisture-proof, shock-proof, soundproof, insect-proof, and mildew-proof capabilities.
Due to its excellent protective properties, the composite air cushion membrane is commonly used as a packaging material for a range of items, including meters, instruments, ceramics, and glassware. Furthermore, a three-layer composite air cushion film can be created by adding an extra layer of film to the convex bubble surface for even greater flexibility and protection. Overall, the bubble film is an indispensable component of the bubble envelope production process, providing a cost-effective solution for safe and secure packaging.

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The bubble film machine is a reliable packaging and filling solution designed to withstand high pressure, protect against moisture and shocks.
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