Customer Cases
RUIKANG machines continue to sell well in overseas markets such as Europe, South America, Asia, and Middle East, and we have accumulated rich experience in overseas sales.
We provide a wide range of products and services to customers in many countries and regions, and have set up door-to-door set up door-to-door service outlets in Poland and Vietnam.
2000 Laminating Bubble Film Machine
Polish customer purchased the bubble film machine equipment from our company, and was very satisfied with our machine, and now has purchased more than 2 million dollars of equipment in our hands.

Equipments: 2000 Compound Bubble Film Machine

Location: Poland

Time of use: 2019-present

Application: Production of bubble wrap

2 meters single layer bubble film machine
Indonesian customer bought the bubble film machine from our company in 2018 to use it so far, and the satisfaction of the equipment is highly praised.

Equipment: 2 meters single layer bubble film machine

Location: Indonesia

Using time: 2018 till now

Application: bubble film production

2 meters single layer bubble film machine
Russian customer for the production of composite bubble film found us to buy the equipment, which has been used from 2015 to the present.

Equipment: 2 meter single layer bubble film machine

Location: Russia

Time of use: 2015 to date

Application: Production of composite bubble film

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